Left and right, there are alarming cyber security issues to solve. Is it time for you to take cyber security seriously? It is if people consider the reported stories about moral and monetary damages because of cyber attacks. Every internet user can be a target. Who knows, it is not the technology and information, but the lack of prompt action is the biggest hurdle in cyber security.

Some alarming threats to cyber security

To date, cyber threats are evolving and increasing. Some use pure ingenuity or technology, while others are combinations of elements, including creativity in persuasion.

Social engineering. Inflicting fear, capturing interest, and tempting to grasp an opportunity are some cyber thefts’ ways to trick their victims. These are called social engineering that goes with deceptive messages. Therefore, individual or company internet users should be proactive in learning and having cyber security. It is because the software cannot detect threats like these.

An example of social engineering is phishing, which tricks a victim into disclosing its username and password on a legit platform. To do it, the malefactor counterfeits the website. Phishing also has subcategories like whaling (targets big companies), vishing (use of calling), and spear (concentrate on specific groups).

Malware. It is a digital element that can crash a computer or corrupt files. The good news is a superior antivirus or anti-malware can solve the ordinary types. The warning is it takes tech skills to find out those hard cases like Fileless malware. It is undetectable for a usual anti-malware tool because these do not sit in the files but into the computer memory.

Moreover, malware is transferable using various schemes. Its other forms include adware (advertisements), scareware (scare), or spyware (getting delicate information). Ransomware is when a criminal finally takes over the data or system and demands money to bring it back.

Strike on vulnerable systems or software. Updating tools and monitoring platforms are valuable all the time as attackers can sneak into vulnerable technologies. Techy criminals can penetrate cloud computing platforms, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. It is barring users from accessing a server or system with high internet traffic. By doing this, the malefactor can down a network or website, apart from breaching data.

Hacking. It is the classic and ultimate goal of a cyber-criminal. Hacking is illegally entering a system or network. Typically, a hacker employs diverse methods such as adware or vishing to gain access.

The biggest potential threat to cyber security

Day by day, criminals create innovative methods or tools to swindle online. Do they focus on a particular area or group of people? Maybe yes or no. The clear is they are open to victimize anyone who falls in their bait. And most likely, they are ready to exploit anything they can hold. It includes data, information, and money.

On the other hand, you and your company can prevent being the next victim if you have solutions to counter cyber threats now. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can do it by having reliable cyber security measures, like utilizing tools or getting the service of an IT company like Remtek Solutions.