Endpoint protection is usually used to define security solutions that focus on endpoint security issues, protecting endpoints against attacks, zero-day exploits, and reckless data leakage arising from human error. Endpoint protection and endpoint security are usually used interchangeably when talking about network security services.

Why is endpoint security important?

Businesses and their employees are increasingly incorporating processes to make access to information more fluid. The rise in “bring your own device” policies generate numerous endpoint vulnerabilities.

Also, hazards targeting mobile device connection and networks abound.

Additionally, employees working from home or hooking up to Wi-Fi networks to work on-the-go means that the company network security perimeter is more vulnerable than ever.

Today, risks are showing up through endpoints. Centralized network protection thus does not go far enough. Different security perimeters that need clearer definition require fresh security via endpoint protection.

How endpoint protection works

BYOD programs are increasingly being adopted by businesses. That is why it continues to adapt to offer protection to mobile endpoints like laptops, smart phones, and tablet PCs in addition to conventional endpoints like PCs and servers. 

Endpoint security software utilizes encryption and application management to protect devices accessing the company network, thereby better managing security on those channels of access to observe and intercept risky activities. Encrypting data on endpoints and portable storage devices protects against data leaks and failure. Application control prevents endpoint users from performing unauthorized applications that could generate vulnerabilities in the system.

Endpoint security solutions usually employ a client-server model, using both a centrally managed security solution to secure the network. Some work on a SaaS model, by which both basic and endpoint security solutions are managed remotely.

Without the necessary endpoint protection, your business can lose control over critical data the moment it is reproduced in an external device or the moment unauthorized persons gain network access through an unsecured endpoint. Endpoint protection is an essential part of modern business security, reinforcing other security solutions to maintain protection for data that can easily slip through the cracks.

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