​Why is backup not enough in today’s office?

Business continuity is the ability of a business to resume delivery of their product and services after a disruptive incident.  T​The disruptive incident could be natural occurring, hurricane, tornado, fire, etc or man made such a worker accidentally cutting a fiber line to your business.  In either event if the incident results in an inability to deliver your products and services you have a big problem.  Business continuity planning considers the most crucial aspects of your business and puts in place a plan to return that functionality to your organization limiting downtime to your customers.

​When disaster strikes

When disaster strikes the questions that will need to be answered are the following.  Where do I go? Whad should I do? When should I do it? It is a roadmap to help guide the organization during a crisis. Without such a plan it can be difficult during an emergency to move your organization towards business recovery.  It is important to remember that there are four areas of that have to be planned for before disaster strikes.

  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Crisis Management
  • ​Business Recovery
  • checkIT Disaster Recovery

​Risk management is a proactive approach to help minimize the potential for disaster in the first place. It’s crucial to look for potential problems and deal with them before they become a problem for your organization. Each business will have their own unique set of issues that will need special attention.

Crisis management deals with the event. Mobilizing the resources, procedures, and workarounds that will get the systems moving again. This can be a difficult and stressful task. The clock is ticking ,the company is loosing money, and  every minute counts.  Your organizations reputation depends on it.

Business recovery is standing the business up again. The business resumes the delivery of products and services at an acceptable level. Maybe its moved to a new office space, or maybe the employees are able to continue working from home.

IT disaster and recovery is a special piece of the puzzle.  Often times the backup and the recovery was the only consideration.  Was the data copied?  Can it be copied back?  Certainly those aspect are important.  There is more to backup and recovery than just backing up and recovering data.  What about the applications that rely on the data?  How much data is there and how much time will it take to restore it?  What if the inffastructure is destroyed by flood or fire how quickly can it be rebuilt? Would the backups have been destroyed too?  IT disaster planning can be a complicated endevor and is often overlooked especially by smaller companies.

​Business continuity is about planning.  It’s about having the right people in the right place at the right time.  You might not be able to prevent bad events from visiting your organization. Planing for those times when it does can make all the difference.