Checking emails every morning has been a routine for most people that it almost seems like the safest activity ever. One only has to go to their personal computer or get their laptop while in bed, and there you have it. You just check your emails at home, so there is really no danger in that. Or isn’t there?

In today’s digital world, nothing seems to be safe. Criminals can reach you now through – you guessed it – the internet. That includes your email. 

So, how do cybercriminals do it? They send phishing emails. In this article, we will talk about phishing and its dangers.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a cyber attack that employs harmless-looking email as a weapon. The objective is to trick the recipient into thinking that the message is important. It could be a request from their bank, a message from someone they know, a job order, and so on. The recipient is then encouraged to download an attachment or click on a link.

Phishing is one of the oldest types of cyberattacks. It dates back to the 90s, and it is one of the most widespread, as cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated. The hacker pretends to be a person or company you trust.

Around 33% of all past breaches involved phishing, as everyone still uses email.

Examples of phishing attacks

We list down below a few phishing examples.

  • An email that tells you your password is about to expire. It will provide you a link that you supposedly need to go to for you to change your password. One such instance involved the site which they distributed to several faculty members. It claimed that their password was about to expire, so they needed to renew it.

Here are the possible consequences.

  • The victim is redirected to a password renewal page, which then activates a malicious script to attack the user’s session cookie. It leads to a reflected XSS attack.
  • The victim is led to, which is a fake page but looks like the original. It requests both the existing and new passwords. The hacker then gets the new password and gains access to the secured areas of the website.

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