It is easy to conclude the financial industry is the top target of cybercriminals to attack. In recent years, it never fails to be one of the most, but it is not the sole highly targeted one for cyber attacks. Perpetrators also victimize other industries, which can fall as their prey. Hence, the ranking changes from time to time, depending on which becomes vulnerable. In recent years, here are the industries that top targets for cyber attacks.

Healthcare institutions- Unfortunately, criminals grant no immunity to patients and medical practitioners from cyber attacks. In the past years, several reports name healthcare industries as their top victim. They aim to steal records from facilities, which enable them to intrude services and fabricate procedures that lead to extracting money.

With the Covid-19 pandemic crisis that defines 2020 significantly, the number of attacks and extorted money increased by 25% to 45%. And among the online threats, ransomware leads to the type of attacks they employ.

Government and military agencies- If data is everything in terms of business and power, it is no surprise hackers aim to access this sector. Any government agency holds vast amounts of information about an entire city or country. What is more alarming about this is the depth of details they can get. It could be as detailed as the fingerprint, travel history, and criminal records of a person.

Higher Education facilities- Colleges and universities also keep a substantial community record. If one institution is compromised, a criminal gets information about four to six years of a person’s academic journey.

The details of these can help to trace bank and credit card details. Plus, the background makes it vulnerable to social engineering tactics.

Manufacturing companies- The competition in this industry is stiff, which prompts every company to be as unique and innovative as possible. Cybercriminals also want to join the bandwagon unfairly when they penetrate a company to steal ideas and data. Either they sell data or exploit them to extort money.

Energy companies- Disrupting services of a gas company endangers not only itself but people around it. The power to inflict fear or other feasible scenarios motivates cybercriminals to aim this industry.

Financial institutions- For years of constant attack and direct connection to money transactions, it is logical for any financial-related company to embrace cybersecurity. However, some still don’t have enough measure or neglect some protocols, which paved the way to make criminals access their system.

According to some reports, among its segments, insurance or retirement-related companies have low-level cybersecurity.

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) – Regardless of the line, small and medium companies become easy targets for cybercriminals. Accordingly, it is because these businesses employ technologies with poor cyber security when accessing the internet. Add the fact that some don’t implement regular updates and monitoring to prevent attacks.

The problem is the gap between attacks happens every 11 seconds only as for a Cyber security Ventures’ report. And criminals are always on the lookout for vulnerable sides of cyber security and computing channels to spread harm. It includes modern platforms like cloud computing.