Is your company’s IT team overloaded with tasks and having tremendous difficulties solving problems on time? Are you experiencing costly network lag? Or are you worried about the security of your important data?

These issues can certainly affect your business, but fortunately, these are problems that a great IT team can surely solve. If your company is in High Point, North Carolina, we can help you with online backup and IT support through managed IT services.

What is a managed IT service?

A company’s outsourced IT services are referred to as managed IT services. The managed IT service provider, which is a third party provider, takes on the responsibility of all of the organization’s IT functions. These include online backup services, IT support on-demand, problem resolution, 24/support, and even training of your staff. 

A major differentiating factor that separates a managed IT service and traditional IT teams are that the MSP takes on the responsibility of handling the IT functions and communicating IT strategies to clients.

So managed IT service providers serve as technology advisors to their in the IT implementation field, rather than being merely on-demand service providers. A managed IT service provider generally presents a pay-per-usage pricing model with clients being billed on the basis of the services provided.

Why use a managed IT service?

Choosing to hire a managed IT service makes sense if your company has a smaller budget. That is because building your own in-house IT service team, training, and maintaining it is usually costly and may be beyond the budget of smaller businesses.

An MSP will provide you with certified professionals who are well-trained and constantly updated on the latest in technology, giving you peace of mind knowing that your network is in good hands. Best of all, you are not paying for their training. Instead, they are all being handled by the MSP.

Your network does not stop working, so the IT team working for you should also never stop. MSPs provide round-the-clock service, with no weekends and holidays. Help is always just a phone call away to support you. 

Most businesses are also required to meet standards when it comes to their IT initiatives. MSPs can provide the processes, systems, and reports that guarantee their clients meet the requirements.

Let Remtek Solutions help you with managing your network

Remtek Solutions has more than two decades of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses manage their network. 

Clients commend Remtek Solutions’ personal touch, where every client is treated as a partner in nation-building. In addition, the company has partnered with industry giants Microsoft and Datto, assuring everyone that Remtek’s quality of service is next to none. 

Take advantage of Remtek Solutions’ free network audit now. Call them at (888) 307-1953.