Charlotte is a city that is bustling with economic activity. Small- and medium-sized businesses and large corporations have found a home here. Because of this, IT providers for cybersecurity and managed IT services have thrived in the area.

Since COVID-19 swept the world in the first quarter of 2020, Homeland Security Today reports that there is a 63% increase in cybercrimes. Cyberattacks on cloud and on-site networks have increased dramatically in less than a year. Another problem is, we do not see it going away soon due to the fact that businesses of all sizes need to take their operations online.

This is where Remtek Solutions, the top managed IT service provider in Charlotte, can help your business with. And with the hackers becoming more sophisticated by the day, you need Remtek Solutions by your side all the more.

Cyberthreats to watch out for in 2021

1. Mobile device attacks

The use of smartphones and tablets has dramatically increased, but so has the number of cyberattacks involving these mobile devices. Most businesses believe that employees will most likely work from home even after the pandemic, and this means they need access to data. This also means there is a greater need for more security measures for any device.

2. Attacks against home automation devices

In 2021, approximately 27.1 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things, according to Cisco. Around 25% of these will be home automation devices. You can expect that hackers will target these.

Now is the time to assess your managed IT service provider. Make sure that they have certified experts in the field and are always up-to-date with the latest developments. They should be able to offer you the security and monitoring your company will need.

3. Complex, Artificial Intelligence-driven phishing

AI is now being employed in more apps than ever. Even cybercriminals now know how to use AI to pre on businesses. They get to learn about their prospective victims and create automated phishing attacks.

Have peace of mind with Charlotte’s Top IT provider

As you can see, modern hackers are getting more sophisticated. SImply training your own staff to repel cybercriminals just would not work. You need certified IT and cybersecurity experts whom you can call at any time to help you with anything about IT. You need Remtek Solutions!

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