Online Backup Services For Small Business

Do you need online backup services for your small business? 

Losing data is a disaster, and not using an online backup service is a disaster waiting to happen. No matter how big or stable a company is, data loss is devastating. A business relies on the information they have stored, whether it is about the employees, customers, or the company itself.

It should be noted that 93% of businesses that lose data for a minimum of 10 days will end up bankrupt. That is why investing in the best cloud service as data storage is important since it can help you avoid this nightmare scenario.

If the term cloud is still new to you, don’t worry. After reading this article, you will be armed with everything you need to know so that you can protect yourself from data loss.

What is the cloud?

To make things simple, the cloud is akin to the internet because all you need to access it is to find an internet connection. Once connected, you are virtually in the cloud. 

Storing something in the cloud means you are storing it on the internet and not in your computer’s hard drive.

Advantages of having an online backup service for small businesses

Small businesses nowadays use cloud computing to store their important information. But why? Here are the benefits of online backup service.

It is affordable

Unlike giant corporations with bottomless cash flows, small businesses work on a tight budget. Setting up your own IT department will take time and lots of money for training and salaries.


You would not know if fire, hurricanes, or earthquakes will strike your office. It is important to have a backup file for all your data safely tucked off-site.

Access anytime and anywhere

Backing up your data online provides your customers access to their information anywhere at any time as long as they have access to the internet. With a click of a mouse or a tap on the smartphone, the files will be available.

Choosing the right managed service provider for the best cloud service

If you are not yet using cloud services for backing up your data, now is the best time to move. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Using cloud servers to store data eliminates your risk of losing them due to unforeseen events. 

Leave all your I.T. worries to the professionals so you can focus on other things. Let Remtek Solutions manage your network for your peace of mind. 

Remtek Solutions has more than two decades of experience working with small and mid-sized businesses. We give you fast and efficient services so you do not have to wait. We will make sure that your business continues to run no matter what happens.

We are partners with industry giants Microsoft and Datto in giving you top-of-the-line solutions that will help your business grow.

Finally Online Cloud Backup Services You Can Trust

Smart business owners know that this will happen. In fact, the best mindset to adopt is that this WILL happen. Successful businesses have always been paranoid, and we say that in a positive way.

That is why when it comes to storing data, we all have to be paranoid. Be aware that we might lose all critical information in an instant, so storing it in the safest place possible is very important.

This is where cloud backup comes in.

If you are not yet utilizing cloud backup services for your business, then you are in trouble. While most of your competitors may be utilizing it, you are still stuck in the old way of doing things. Storing information in your PC, laptop, or smartphone is not the safest and most convenient way to do business anymore.

If you are not yet familiar with how the cloud works, do not worry as we will try to cover all the most relevant information about this wonderful service.


We are partnered with the biggest leaders in the industry like Microsoft and Datto to bring you solutions that matter to your business.

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Hiring a managed service provider to take care of your IT needs, including online backup services, ensures that you are well-equipped and ready to take on your competition at a price that you can afford. 

For the best cloud backup services and your other IT needs, Remtek Solutions is the name to trust. Remtek Solutions has been providing excellent service to small-to-medium-sized businesses for 20 years, earning the trust of thousands of entrepreneurs.

We are working with industry giants Microsoft and Datto to assure you of high-quality service whenever and wherever you need it.

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