Network Security And Firewalls

Do you need a network security company to handle firewalls and cyber security for your business?

What is a firewall? Perhaps that is one question many of you ask. A long time ago, a firewall simply meant a physical wall put up in between structures to stop fires from spreading. These days, the word has evolved to also mean network security that keeps an eye on the passing of network traffic, both outgoing and incoming, and either permits or prevents data packets according to the set of security rules. In short, it secures your network.

Network security and firewalls are meant to create a barrier between your internal network and incoming data from outside sources like the web to protect you from harmful traffic such as malware, ransomware, and viruses.

Whether you own a large company or a small business, you will certainly benefit a lot from setting up your own network security and firewalls

Why do small businesses need firewalls?

Most small businesses now have an online presence because it helps them grow their business. However, the web is now similar to the real world: it is fraught with many dangers that could cause businesses to lose important data and worse, lose the entire business altogether.

So how do we keep our systems safe? Through a firewall of course.

Firewalls carefully assess incoming traffic based on the guidelines that were pre-established and then filter entering traffic from unsecured or suspicious sources to stop attacks. Firewalls secure traffic at a computer’s entry point, which is where data is exchanged with external devices.

Firewalls are a crucial part of network security because of the reasons listed below.

  • Your internal network is always under threat and therefore needs security.
  • The web is a dangerous place with hackers with bad intentions, disgruntled former employees, spies, and vandals.
  • It can stop illegal modification to internal data by an outsider.

Types of firewalls

There are three basic types of firewalls. 

Stateless and stateful packet filtering firewall

In a stateless and stateful packet filtering firewall, the internal network is linked to the internet through a router firewall. The firewall monitors and then filters the data by the packet. It permits or prevents a packet based on the source, destination IP address, and protocol.

Application gateways

This one acts as a relay-node, blocks outgoing and incoming packets, and manages proxies that copy and send data across the gateway.

Circuit level gateway

This is an intermediate solution in the middle of the packet filters and the gateway and runs at the transport layer. It thus can act as a proxy for any type of application.

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