If you are not creating backup files for your business, then you are putting yourself in danger of losing not only money, but your reputation as well.

Take stock of what you stand to lose. You have your company information, critical customer data, receipts, pictures, videos, all software you downloaded, and more. Losing all of these means losing part of your business.

As you are reading this, you might say “That’s okay, I will make a backup file for all of these when I have the time. Nothing is going to happen to these files this week, for sure.”

Well, it is exactly this kind of mindset that led to thousands of businesses going bankrupt, as they failed to keep their critical data secured by backing them up.

If you are not sure your company needs online backup services in Greensboro, NC, then you better read through this article.

Is it okay to store backup files in a hard drive or data center?

In the age of the cloud, some people are still content tucking away their backups in a hard drive or data center. That is fine, but you are still not fully protected from the danger of losing your files. And, for a business, that is not good enough.

There are many ways businesses lose their data. Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tsunami earthquakes, and fires can happen to your place of business. Thieves might also take away your computers, where you store both your main files and your backup. 

The solution is to backup your files in a place where Mother Nature or humans cannot physically destroy them. You can do this by storing them in the cloud and online backup services.

Benefits of online backup services

Easy recovery

In case Mother Nature does strike in your area, you will never have to scramble trying to contact each of your customers to get information you may lose. 

Cloud and backup service providers give easy and fast recovery to your data. They are your best bet to quickly getting back on your feet.

Unlimited storage capacity

Another one of the best reasons to use online backup services is that you get virtually unlimited storage capacity. You can store anything you need without worrying about losing storage space.

Easy access to data

With your files stored online, you only need your laptop or mobile device and an internet to access them. You no longer need to go to the office. 

Remtek Solutions provide online backup services in Greensboro, NC

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