Companies of all sizes in Charlotte, North Carolina need technology to operate productively, and as dependence on IT increases each year, the measures to support it must expand too. Sadly, as these processes grow and evolve, many firms, especially small ones with minimal funds, may not have the means to adequately manage their networks. Small IT teams can become overwhelmed with the volume of work needed to maintain the network, backups, and security among others, and make them run smoothly.

Imagine if your network went down, leading to downtime. You would possibly run into significant productivity and revenue losses. Your team would be unable to its job, and everyone scrambles to resolve these serious issues as swiftly as possible to regain normalcy. This is a tremendous detriment to any business. These issues are easily avoided using managed services.

Small- and medium-sized businesses in Charlotte are fast catching up with the needs of their consumers by going digital. That is why they need the services of managed IT services like Remtek Solutions.

What is managed IT service?

Managed IT services are third-party organizations that businesses can hire to handle their IT operations. These MSPs are highly specialized. They can handle a company’s IT networks entirely or partly, depending on what is agreed upon in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). MSPs offer 24/7 issue resolution, monitoring, reporting, and more.

Benefits of outsourcing your IT services

Small- and medium-sized businesses can reap the benefits of superior IT services by hiring MSPs at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house IT team. MSPs can likewise provide an abundance of experience gained from actively running multiple client accounts that in-house teams would not have.

Also, by hiring an MSP, companies can anticipate their monthly, quarterly, and yearly spending on IT, and are discharged from having to focus on this area of operations. This allows SMBs to concentrate on developing their business without thinking about day-to-day IT issues.

There is also a better opportunity for security expertise and successfully executed security policies. MSPs practice standards such as PCI compliance every day, and are prepared to steer your business within the restrictions and procedures it needs to comply with. These companies include those in the finance, healthcare, and education sectors.

And of course, they know IT much better than you do. These companies hire only certified IT professionals who undergo training regularly. They are always updated about what’s happening in their industry.

IT services serving businesses in Charlotte, NC

Remtek Solutions is the leading managed IT service provider, in Charlotte, NC. They have more than 20 years of experience and have helped SMBs with all their IT requirements.

Whether you need data backup and business continuity services, cybersecurity, management and maintenance of your PCs, laptops, and servers, and other IT-related issues, Remtek Solutions has a team of experts to skillfully assist you until you find a resolution.

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