It has been generally agreed that companies with IT-enabled business processes should acquire managed IT services in order to have that crucial competitive edge. As a result, in this day of modern technology, more and more organizations in Winston-Salem hire third-party managed IT service providers as part of their long-term strategy.

If you want to know why you should hire a managed IT service provider to manage your network, you came to the right place.

First, let us define a managed IT service provider. 

What is a managed IT service provider?

A managed IT service provider is a third-party organization that takes over the responsibilities of handling the IT network of a company using a defined set of services.

MSPs usually charge flat or near-fixed monthly fees, so companies can predict their expenses when it comes to IT support. The services they provide include production support and software maintenance, data backup and recovery, authentication, network monitoring and management, and cybersecurity.

Advantages of using a managed IT services provider

Using a managed IT service provider brings plenty of wonderful benefits to your organization.

  1. Predictable costing

Aside from the fact that managed IT service providers can help reduce costs, they can also help make your IT costing predictable as well.

IT deliverables are usually multi-layered, complicated tasks with a tendency to overshoot budgets. But by outsourcing your IT requirements, you can confine costs to the contractual service level agreement (SLA) with your MSP. It is not possible with an in-house IT team who are sure to get their monthly salary anyway.

  1. 24/7 network support and monitoring

With an MSP, network monitoring and support is available 24/7. Round-the-clock service has always been one of the most attractive features of MSPs as networks do not stop operating. MSPs will always be available anytime to support clients.

  1. Reduce downtime

Small businesses should avoid downtime like the plague, as studies have shown that they stand to lose $427 per minute of downtime. Thus, reducing network lag is crucial for any organization.

It is usually the job of managed IT service providers to cut down, if not eliminate, downtime. While an in-house IT team can also handle this task, it would probably take double shifts for them to resolve this issue without spending extra. MSPs cut both your downtime and expenses.

  1. Lets you focus on your core business

By letting an MSP handle your IT requirements and paying them a fixed fee, you can focus and allocate more resources to your core business. 

MSPs hire expert IT professionals who know more about IT than you do, so leave your network management tasks to them. As a result, you will have more time to concentrate on your business fundamentals.

  1. Dedicated IT security

Using MSPs is a more efficient way of managing your network security, as you have an entire team dedicated to securing your IT infrastructure.

Remtek Solutions is a managed IT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses in Winston-Salem, NC. Our partnership with Microsoft and Datto, two industry giants, assures you of top-notch services delivered round the clock. 

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