Learn About Our Backup Services For Local Winston Salem Companies

An online backup is one of the most effective methods of safeguarding your data and organization against sudden mishaps. Storing data securely on an encrypted, remote server is a simple and inexpensive solution to protect your most important files, client information, and other sensitive information.

What is an online backup, and how does it work?

When your data is copied to an “off-site” or cloud storage option, this is referred to as an “online backup.” Services will consistently and securely keep copies of your data in the cloud, allowing you to view your data from any computer with an internet connection. An online backup is an essential component of every company’s disaster recovery strategy.

It’s vital not to mix online backup systems with cloud storage systems such as GoogleDrive or Dropbox, which are different things. You must manually upload individual folders or files to their cloud storage services to use these systems. A typical scenario would be for you to upload some documents and media files that you want to share with others, and cloud access makes it simple to accomplish this. Instead, an online backup transfers all of your information, including documents and media files as well as your system files, to a cloud server over the internet. An online backup is essentially a replica of your complete system, including all of the data linked with it, that is stored in the cloud for safekeeping.

Advantages of using online backup services

Learn About Our Backup Services For Local Winston Salem Companies

Small businesses are increasingly relying on cloud computing to store their critical information.


But why is this so?

The following are some of the advantages of using an online backup service.

  1. It is reasonably priced.

In contrast to large organizations with seemingly limitless financial reserves, small firms operate on a tight budget. Setting up your own information technology department will cost time and a significant amount of money in terms of training and pay.

  1. Off-site storage

No one could predict if a fire, hurricane, or earthquake would strike your place of business.

Having a backup copy of all your data that is stored safely off-site is really critical.

  1. Accessible at any time and from any location.

Having your data backed up online allows you to provide your customers with access to their information from anywhere at any time, so long as they have internet access. A few mouse clicks or taps on the smartphone will make the files readily available for download.

Leave your IT to the experts.

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