Internet Security For Small Business in Greensboro

If you have not yet taken your business online, then you are being left behind. These days, it is no longer possible for businesses - big and small - to operate with a network to keep all critical data. That is why internet security for small businesses is a vital element in keeping your business safe. 

In this modern world, you not only have to worry about the physical security of your business but your online presence as well.

A study made by the AGV said that one out of three business owners is not familiar with ransomware. Now, that is a scary thought. Why? Another survey has shown that sixty percent of the companies that were not able to recover their data within six months went out of business. 

Cybercriminals usually target small businesses because they are the ones who are most vulnerable.They do not have the capacity to beef up their security systems as large companies have.

What are these threats to internet security for small businesses? Read on.

Secure your network from these threats

1. Unsecured wireless networks

Wireless networks, as the name suggests, do not use wires. It has become popular among small businesses because it is easy to use and more affordable. However, it can be a major threat to your business if not secured.

Cybercriminals can get easy access to your unsecured wireless network. Not only should your network be secured, but it has to be secured well. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to harmful threats.

2. Malicious code

Malicious codes include ransomware, malware, spyware, and viruses.

Ransomware gets access to your files, locks them, then demands ransom if you want them back. Malware gains access to your system and damages it. Spyware enters your computer’s system without your permission and performs things you do not want it to. Viruses do almost the same thing.

3. Phishing

Phishing is the act of sending you an email that looks like they came from a company you can trust so that they can get personal information from you, like credit card numbers and passwords.

4. Security breaches

Security breaches can also happen internally, like those caused by disgruntled employees or those who have something to gain by doing so. Sometimes it can also be out of carelessness. Regardless of the reason, it is a big security threat to your business. 

Internet security threats are on the rise. Cybercriminals are not done yet. Perhaps the best solution for small businesses is to hire professionals in the IT space.

If you are operating in Greensboro and want dependable IT management, maintenance, and endpoint protection, consider Remtek Solutions!

Remtek Solutions is one company you can trust for your IT needs, just like industry leaders Datto and Microsoft do. We have certified professionals with years of experience to help bolster your internet security and deliver you peace of mind.

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