The unexpected downtimes in your network can definitely put your business off-track. SImple slowdowns or even password issues can prevent you and your team from accomplishing any task until the problem gets solved. The result? Angry clients!

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Several Winston-Salem companies all experience IT problems one way or the other. Fixing these problems on your own is possible, but you may have to spend hours doing so. Good luck with that!

However, enlisting the help of a managed IT services company gives you a quick resolution to all your IT problems. All you need to do is pick up the phone or shoot them a message, and you can sit back and watch the professionals do their work.

To maximize the services an MSP can give you, you need to choose the right service package that suits your needs.

Here are things you need to know.

What are the services provided by managed IT services?

Managed IT service companies – like Remtek Solutions in Winston-Salem – provide an extensive range of services to reinforce business operations of all types. You can get everything from basic help desk support to data recovery services from these experts. They can likewise deal with system backups, network security, IT planning, and computer maintenance for your business.

Managed IT providers can also help with the administration of your local servers and the production of custom software solutions.

What can happen if you have unsolved IT problems?

Your company will lose money when your network stops working. Every second your system stays down could result in costing thousands of dollars, depending on your business size and operations, if you cannot find a quick resolution.

IT problems that continue to be unresolved can be costlier if there are security breaches that compromise the integrity of your system. These data security breaches can not only result in losses, but they really can be devastating to your business by shutting you down.

Fortunately, by hiring the experts, you can avoid losses or even a closure of your business.

Hire the best MSP in Winston-Salem

Remtek Solutions has been helping Winston-Salem companies with their managed IT services, and more. Aside from providing top-shelf management and maintenance of servers, PCs, and laptops, and cybersecurity services, they also provide backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.

Remtek has partnered with industry leaders Datto and Microsoft to bring you solutions that your business needs.

Find out how Remtek Solutions can help your business grow by scheduling a free consultation.