Organizations of all shapes and sizes are seeking to carve out a competitive advantage by using digital information. Companies harness consumer preference data for a variety of reasons, including the creation of personalized services and focused marketing campaigns; scrutinizing employee performance statistics to stimulate productivity, and analyzing supply chain data to drive capabilities.

Digital information offers businesses enormous potential, but the heightened use of personal data has also created vulnerabilities and interdependencies between two formerly discrete threats: data privacy and security. For instance, data violations can arise from a cyberattack, but also have data privacy implications.

Data privacy and cybersecurity cannot be separate

Businesses often separate data protection and cybersecurity by setting up two different teams and obtaining different software to focus on each of these issues apart. Maintaining and managing two teams, together with two software sets, requires significant IT costs and administrative expenditures.

But is it the right way to get protection for your network? Experts agree that there is a need to combine cybersecurity and data privacy. Going through a data breach impacts an entire company and its stakeholders, and not just a security team.

A recent hack damaged the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and compromised the personal information of roughly 46,000 veterans. Cybercriminals sought to redirect payments from the department by employing social engineering techniques and authentication codes.

Unfortunately, personal data, including Social Security numbers, may have been compromised.

As what happened to the Department of Veterans Affairs shows, personal data and system protocols can be compromised in the same event. We should analyze circumstances like this not from two distinct views, but from a combined viewpoint that consists of cybersecurity and data protection.

Benefits of combining data privacy and cybersecurity

  • Avoid data breaches. Overseeing both systems and data at the same time leaves fewer chances for vulnerabilities and abuses.

  • Improve compliance. Reducing the probability of a data breach helps you to stay compliant and avoid compliance violation penalties.

  • Improve your information security management system. Carrying a single pane of glass Information Security Management System grants you control of your data better than with a separate framework for cybersecurity and data protection.

  • Address emerging digital threats. Fight off digital threats to your data and systems.

Both cybersecurity and data protection deal with securing sensitive data from numerous digital threats. That is why they have become linked to each other. Instead of having them respond to a violation separately, it makes sense to have one unified method.

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