Data Backup Solutions For Small Business

Backing up data is critical for business continuity. It is your way of protecting yourself from a business disaster known as data loss. However, if your backup is still being stored in your personal computer, laptop, or smartphone, you are still prone to data loss. And even if you have printed copies of your printed data, these can also get easily lost, or get destroyed by spilled coffee or water, or chewed on by mice. 

This is where the cloud can help you. If you are not yet using cloud computing, then you have to read this.

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How businesses lose their data

  • Your desktop or laptop’s hard drive crashes

  • Damage to your mobile phone or device

  • If your gadgets get stolen, as business break-ins are common

  • Many times, data are accidentally deleted by employees

  • Your PC or laptop may be hijacked by malware

  • Your files may be inaccessible once a ransomware attacks

                                         Backup your important business data 

You should take these two steps to have a successful backup for your data.

  • Identify the important data that you need to back up.

  • Regularly implement data backup.

Basically, all files you have created for your business should be backed up. You will never know when you need them. For most small businesses, these include everything from accounting files, HR files, and emails.

Using cloud storage as a data backup solution for your business.

Backing up data online is the best solution for backing up data for your business, it is now a popular way to save data and recover it very effectively. It is fast and easy, making it ideal for small businesses. It provides access to business data anywhere, anytime, at affordable costs. Without using the cloud, you will be at a disadvantage because your competitors are probably using online data storage already.

Cloud data backup can save you money

No need to hire in-house IT

You do not need staff and maintain a team of in-house professionals to fix and restore software, manage email and file servers, or run backups. You only need to pay a small fee monthly, and maintenance of the server is the responsibility of the cloud vendor.

Hardware savings

There is no need for you to run software updates for your network. You can just host your data in the cloud.

Time savings

Cloud computing apps update themselves, so you save plenty of time by not having to update them yourself.

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We are partnered with the biggest leaders in the industry like Microsoft and Datto to bring you solutions that matter to your business.

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