Cybersecurity for Greensboro Companies

Threats to data are real, wherever you are in the world. Not even companies in Greensboro are safe. 

The worldwide web allows organizations of all sizes and from any location to get new and broader markets. It also presents opportunities to carry out tasks more effectively by utilizing computer-based tools. If your business is considering using cloud computing or just running email and managing a website, cybersecurity should be a part of your game plan.

In today’s digital economy, cybercrime is one of the most reported frauds It has now even surpassed physical theft. It is now the responsibility of every company to create a secure system where they can store critical information that will enhance customer and business confidence.

So what can Greensboro companies do to enhance their cybersecurity? We list down some tips.

Cybersecurity tips for businesses in Greensboro 

With hackers lurking like predators looking for their next prey, companies require a cybersecurity strategy to secure their businesses, their consumers, and their data.

1. Create a backup

This is time-tested advice and works all the time. Make a backup of all your files on all your computers. Critical information like word processing documents, financial files, databases, human resources files, electronic spreadsheets, and accounts receivables and payables files, need to have a backup. Losing them would spell a lot of trouble for your company.

2. Train your employees

Create policies and basic security practices for your employees. This can be from letting them use strong passwords, to establishing proper internet use policies. Remind employees of the value of protecting customer information.

3. Provide firewall protection for your internet connection

Firewalls help prevent outsiders from getting hold of your critical data on a private network. Enable your operating system’s firewall. You can also download free firewall software online. For work-from-home employees, make sure that their home systems have firewall security.

4. Create user accounts for each employee and restrict physical access to your computers.

Do not allow unauthorized people to use your computers. Lock up laptops when unattended as these are easy targets for thieves. Ensuring your employees have separate user accounts will also help secure data.

5. Change passwords regularly

Tell your employees to create very strong passwords and change them every three months. Let them use letters, numbers, and special symbols for their passwords. Never allow them to share passwords, not even with close associates.

Hire the best cybersecurity company in Greensboro

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