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Cybersecurity is the protection of a computer system or network against malicious attacks or damage. Cybersecurity is also sometimes referred to as computer security, information security, and Internet security.

Computer security is focused on protecting against unauthorized access, use, or destruction of a computer system. It is the oldest and most basic approach to cybersecurity, and it dates back to the earliest computers. Information security focuses on securing the flow of information between people and computers. This includes ensuring that all data transmitted is secure and that it cannot be altered in any way.

Cybersecurity is important because there have been a record number of successful cyberattacks in the past few years. These attacks cost corporations and individuals billions of dollars, and many businesses never fully recovered from the damage. There is no doubt that cybercrime is on the rise.


Ransomware is the fastest-growing type of cybercrime. It’s the #1 attack vector for new malware infections. Ransomware attacks are indiscriminate; they affect everyone, whether they use a computer or not. You cannot “uninstall” ransomware… it’s embedded in your hard drive and can never be 100% removed. Once encrypted, your files are rendered inaccessible, and you will need to pay the extortionist to regain access to them.

Fight the growing threat of ransomware

Protect yourself from ransomware:

1: Backup your data regularly! Don’t depend on your PC. Depend on a regular, automatic backup of your data to an offsite location. If your PC crashes or is otherwise “bricked,” you’ll still have your backup files.

2: Use an antimalware program that is updated frequently! Malware changes so fast these days that it is hard to keep up with it.

3: Be cautious!Never, ever send your password to anyone, even if they claim they are from your ISP. Usually, when people claim to be from your Internet service provider, they want your password so they can access your account, change your billing information, or limit your usage.

4: Think about purchasing a cloud-based backup solution.This is especially important if you use a PC for work because your data is likely to be very valuable.

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