Cloud storage as a service benefits vs. storing on a local computer?

The addition of cloud storage provides a different way of computing. It boasts innovative features that local computers don't offer. However, this does not mean the latter has no edges over the cloud storage.

Benefits of cloud storage

One of the notable features of cloud storage is it offers automatic service. It is an on-demand technology suitable for busy people and companies working everywhere.

Updates and synchronizes. When you use cloud storage, it is okay if you forget to click the save icon. It is all right if you left your portable hard drive or memory sticks. Your last update is saved already in the system. Moreover, you can see what is changing in the file immediately.

Accessibility. You can and someone you allow to access your data whenever and wherever you like. A team leader, for example, will identify the member who uploads or makes changes in the document in real-time. Besides, it is possible if the entire team can synchronously alter this file with their own devices.

Backup and recover data. Since saving in the cloud is storing data in another computer network, you get a great sigh of relief if there is a problem with your local device. You have copies of the files you need, and these are accessible 24/7.

Secure your works. A data breach presents a grave problem not only for a company but for individuals. You can't always guarantee your files are safe on a local computer. It is when you use cloud storage.

The tech firms that provide this double or triple their security systems from any possible threats. One of the methods they employ is encryption. In this process, the texts become codes or ciphertexts. It also means that the files or documents become hidden from those who don't have access.

Another bonus in cloud storage is you will enjoy its benefits for a competitive price. Most likely, better than what you spend on a local computer.

Benefits of a local computer

Personal computers continuously evolve into something better through the years. You can count on these offer services, despite the emergence of other technologies.

Fewer storing limits. Most free or cheap cloud services allow USB drive-like capacity only. Therefore, it is a hassle if you have so many and heavy files to upload. On the other hand, a local hard drive can provide a capacious room, especially if it has more than 1TB.

Not internet-dependent. Cloud computing relies on an excellent internet connection. So if it is not, your productivity is equally affected. Whereas on a local computer, you can stay calm and work as usual even if you have no internet connection at all.

A user is in full control of data. Using cloud storage is also like renting another company's infrastructure and IT support. Therefore, their rules and systems influence your data management. It also means you are sharing your data with other people. Like so, it is vital to choose wisely your cloud storage provider. It is the fitting solution to guarantee quality service.

Another ideal answer to demanding data storage is still employing the cloud as an alternative. After all, it ensures doubling your convenience in computing and backing up your data.

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