Cloud Data Backup Services For Small Business in Greensboro

The statistics are alarming. Six out of ten companies that lose their data will shutter within ten months. Additionally, 140,000 hard disk crashes happen every day in the United States. Given these risks, small businesses in Greensboro will do well by ensuring they have cloud data backup solutions. 

For Greensboro businesses, the cloud has become a feasible backup solution due to its ease of use and reasonable cost. 

There are many tools available online right now, like Google Drive or Dropbox. However, please note that these are cloud syncing services and not cloud backup services. Google Drive and Dropbox are created for syncing dedicated folders and for collaboration online. You cannot expect these tools to protect your data online.

Your business needs to have the security of a full-scale backup functionality that can get your company up and running in case you lose your data, application, or system. That is why you need a cloud backup service.

Here are a few more reasons why you need this type of service.

1. You get quick access to files

Backing up data makes it easy for you to retrieve information. When you have a backup in a cloud storage system, you can access it in a matter of seconds and at any location around the world.

2. Protection against power outages

Power outages due to extreme storms or random blackouts can damage your computers. It can destroy your hard driveway beyond repair. A cloud data backup service will help you ensure that your information will be safe in case of a power failure. 

3. Recovery in case your operating system fails

Operating system failures are among the top causes of data loss. There are many reasons why it fails. It could be due to incorrect allocation of memory space, or perhaps due to corruption of software. Using cloud data backup is very efficient when it comes to storing your data.

4. More anti-virus protection for you

Viruses are devastating. You could lose your important data if attacked. Doing regular backups on your files can also add security against internet viruses.

The best cloud data backup services in Greensboro

For your cloud data backup needs, choose Remtek Solutions. 

Remtek has partnered with industry giants like Microsoft and Datto to provide you with the best managed IT solutions that your business needs. We use the latest technology and hire the best certified professionals to ensure that you get peace of mind.

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