The hotbed of America’s original gold rush is now a leading commercial hub. While current-day Charlotte is virtually identical to banking, businesses of all kinds – big or small – are thriving in this vibrant economy. However, as the number of businesses grows, so does the competition.

In this crowded field where you need to stand out or be left behind, businesses have digitized their businesses to compete. A simple brick-and-mortar store just would not suffice; you have to take the battle on the internet!

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of downsides to going online. One of the major ones includes loss of data. Most businesses that have lost data – for reasons that include natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or human error – fail within ten months of such loss. That is why businesses in Charlotte have turned to cloud data backup with the help of managed IT services.

What is cloud backup?

First, let us define what the cloud is.

Cloud computing refers to hosted services provided over the web. Consumers can use as much as they need and are managed by a service provider. It can also be public or private. When we say public, that means it is being sold to everyone. As for the private cloud, it is being sold to a limited number of users.

Cloud backup is a method for moving a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to an off-site location for storage in case of a natural or man-made disaster or equipment failure.

Why do you need cloud data backup?

Here are some of the reasons why you need cloud data backup for your business.

1. Prevention of data loss

Saving your important files on the cloud prevents disastrous loss of data in case of a hard drive failure or computer crash.

2. Client relationship

Saving client information enhances client relationship management. It usually leads to better sales and marketing results. It also builds trust and develops a good reputation for your company.

3. Improved productivity

With backed-up files, you can increase productivity by cutting down wasted time. Saved files contribute to comparative reviews of the past as well as the present to work out a more efficient plan.

4. Peace of mind

Regular cloud data backups will let you sleep soundly at night. In case a disaster, system failure, or cyber attack happens, you have a ready backup you can rely on.

Managed IT, service provider, for you in Charlotte

It is never too late to start backing up your critical data in the cloud. Data backup is a necessary investment to prevent business closure due to data loss.

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