Managed IT Service Provider for Winston-Salem NC

It has been generally agreed that companies with IT-enabled business processes should acquire managed IT services in order to have that crucial competitive edge. As a result, in this day of modern technology, more and more organizations in Winston-Salem hire third-party managed IT service providers as part of their long-term strategy. If you want to […]

We can help High Point With Online Backup Services and IT Support

Is your company’s IT team overloaded with tasks and having tremendous difficulties solving problems on time? Are you experiencing costly network lag? Or are you worried about the security of your important data? These issues can certainly affect your business, but fortunately, these are problems that a great IT team can surely solve. If your […]

Now Serving High Point NC with Managed IT Services

Over the past few decades, companies have relied on managed services and are increasingly dependent on them to run certain functions of the business. Because of the expertise of managed services, particularly in IT, companies are able to focus on their core businesses. Managed IT services provide help in certain functions, including network monitoring, backup […]

Managed IT Company Near Me

Exploring technology and the internet is a commendable step for business advancement. It helps not only to survive competitions but also thrive in your industry. But before this, is it not best to ask yourself where the managed IT company near me? A type of tech support you can access and rely on in keeping […]

Cybersecurity Company Near Me

Phishing, malware, or scam may have different names and definitions, but they have one thing in common. They are threats to a harmonious business atmosphere online. For this reason, it is excellent to receive support from a cybersecurity company to counter cybercrimes and defend your business.  The protections from a cybersecurity company near me  With […]

Remtek can help Winton Salem businesses for Cybersecurity

All companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you believe that your business is safe because your company is relatively small, think again. Just because you are a small business does not mean cybercriminals will bypass you. In fact, they do target small businesses because their cybersecurity is not as complex as those of big companies. […]

What Is a Cloud Managed Switch?

Managed versus unmanaged switches. What is the difference? Managed switches support more minute control, so they require a more skilled administrator or engineer to maximize their use. It enables better control of the data frames as well as the networks through them. For unmanaged switches, it allows connected devices to communicate with each other in […]

What industry is the most highly targeted for cyber attacks?

It is easy to conclude the financial industry is the top target of cybercriminals to attack. In recent years, it never fails to be one of the most, but it is not the sole highly targeted one for cyber attacks. Perpetrators also victimize other industries, which can fall as their prey. Hence, the ranking changes […]

How often do cyber threats occur?

Even if the world is in crisis, cyber threats do not cease to occur. It is the other way around. With more people staying at home and utilizing the internet, criminals take advantage of the chance to attract lure victims. The cyber criminals’ timing and methods to attack A study by Michel Cukier, a Clark […]

What is the biggest threat to cyber security?

Left and right, there are alarming cyber security issues to solve. Is it time for you to take cyber security seriously? It is if people consider the reported stories about moral and monetary damages because of cyber attacks. Every internet user can be a target. Who knows, it is not the technology and information, but […]