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Disasters won't wait until you are ready!

Empowering your company with the technology and the experience to proactively defend your network is the mission of Remtek Solutions.

Finally Disaster Recovery You Can Trust

Making a copy of the most important files used to be enough to protect a company from serious data loss. This is no longer true. As the threat of viruses, malware, and ransomware has grown, protecting your company’s data has never more important or more challenging.
In a world that's moving ever faster backup and recovery no longer meets the needs of most businesses. Companies need Business Continuity!
In today’s business environment event the smallest amount of downtime can cost a company tons of money. It can lead to credibility problems or worse it could permanently cripple their reputation.

Our Solutions Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Layered Protection

Just as a bank has a locked front door, an alarm system, video cameras, and a vault your valuable company data needs a layered approach. No one solution is perfect. Remtek Solutions uses military grade encryption at every stage to backup multiple times per hour. Data is then stored locally and securely in the cloud.

Constant Monitoring

A backup is of no use if when you need it it doesn’t work. We test your backups everyday. Complex analysis are performed on your backup sets to make sure your backups are not corrupt and that they will be their for you when you need them. Just to be sure we actually boot your backup and take a screenshot to be sure it actually work when you need it most.

Rapid Recovery

Waiting hours, days, or even weeks to restore your data in today’s fast pace business environment is not acceptable. We restore your data and your systems in minutes. Weather it’s a deleted file, a crashed hard drive, natural disasters, or the latest ransomware your are only minutes away from recovery with Remtek Solutions

You're saying that sounds good, but will this really work for me? Here's how you can find out!

Partnerships We are partnered with the biggest leaders in the industry like Microsoft and Datto to bring you solutions that matter to your business.