One of the biggest problems affecting the digital economy is malware, a kind of software designed to damage a computer, network, or client.  

Malware has several different types, but one of the most common is ransomware.

Ransomware is a kind of malware that inhibits users from accessing their own system, either by locking the user’s files or locking the system’s screen. Hackers do this until a ransom is paid. The latest ransomware groups, generally classified as crypto ransomware, encrypt specific file types on affected systems and make users pay the ransom through online payment arrangements to obtain a decryption key.

How much do victims pay for ransomware?

The amount ransomware victims pay depends on the variant as well as the exchange rate of the countries they are in. With the popularity plus the anonymity of cryptocurrency use, many hackers now specify bitcoin as their preferred mode of payment. 

Do take note that paying the ransom does not assure victims that they would get their access back. Remember that these are criminals you are dealing with; they do not play by the rules.

How does one get ransomware?

Users may accidentally download ransomware whenever they visit malicious websites. Users may also get it through a payload that is downloaded by other malware, while some are delivered as attachments from an email. Others are downloaded from malvertisements.

Once it gets into your system, it can lock your computer screen, and it prevents you from using your computer. You will get a notification as to how you can pay the ransom.

In some cases, it encrypts predetermined files, as in the case of crypto-ransomware. Here, the ransomware blocks access to valuable files like documents and spreadsheets.

Potential dangers of ransomware

Ransomware is said to be a potential threat to entire infrastructures as it can disable them until the owners pay a ransom. These infrastructures could be crucial not only to companies but to whole nations as well. 

Currently, ransomware operations are already taking on critical targets in the government, healthcare, and transportation sectors.

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